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Mobile For Change (M4C) - Mobile Technology for tracking progress of projects on PRMR (Planning, Realising, Monitoring and Reporting) using Smart Phones and Tabs

Tracking progress of projects on real-time basis observing delays, deviations and variations from smart phones and driving the project implementation, a seamless integration of knowledge, resources and processes for effectiveness in results.
Target Audience:
Team Members of Program / Project Management Unit, Desk Officers, Country Officers, CSR Executives, National Project Monitors, Directors and Officers with RFD(Results and Performance) cell of GOI, Executives of Field based programs, MIS and M&E specialists, Documentation and Data Experts, Project co-ordinators and Finance Officers.
 Venue :CIDADE DE, GOA, Beach Resort
 Date : 16th,17th & 18th November 2015
 Cost : INR 45,000
Background of this training
Interactive Sessions by experts on:
Mobile communications technology has quickly become the world’s most common way of transmitting voice, data, and services in the developing world. Given this dramatic change, mobile applications (m-apps) in general and mobile applications for programme/ project management in particular hold significant potential for advancing development. They could provide the most affordable ways for millions of people to access information and governance systems previously unavailable to them.
M-apps are software designed to take advantage of mobile technology and can be developed for technology besides mobile phones. But mobile phones have many key advantages: affordability, wide ownership, voice communications, and instant and convenient service delivery. As a result, there has been a global explosion in the number of m-apps, facilitated by the rapid evolution of mobile networks and by the increasing functions and falling prices of mobile handsets.
IPFM is a small private company with an explicitly social profile and strong partnerships with a number of development and government organizations. The company have been collaborating with these organisations and inspiring them to move away from pen-and-paper / Excel-based data collection processes into mobile data monitoring and evaluation of their projects.
Our goal is to provideorganisatons with flexible and easy-to-deploy/use solutions for gathering and managing data via smartphones and other mobile devices.The mobile4change platform is meant for development and government organisations which are involved in data collection and management. The suite of apps helps organizations to document and publish the results of projects that are based on real world data collection. The data is displayed on the web platform in real time and is instantaneously available for further modelling via desktop software.
The platform consists of a web application as well as native Android and iOS mobile apps. The system enables organizations to:
  - foster timely, effective and reliable collection and transfer of information from the field to the decision-makers in the organizations,
  - monitor project output,
  - get real-time information on project activities and project progress,
  - document and report on where and when volunteers were active,
  - measure performance indicators,
  - aggregate ‘reports’ on web maps,
  - save time and improve reporting transparency through easy access to GPS-coordinates and varied data formats (e.g. texts, videos, images, etc.),
  - generate statistics on the different types of activities over time and space,
  - create more awareness with the public and other stakeholders regarding the work that their organizations deliver.
Technically, the mobile4chnage platform consists of reporter mobile apps, a web console where data can be managed and an API for data access. The data are collected and submitted by means of smartphones, and they are managed in the web console. From the user perspective, the mobile4change platform consists of three main components:
  - the Reporting App, which is used to collect data and save drafts,
  - the Web Console, which enables the user to design forms for data gathering projects, add other users and groups and import data from spreadsheets,
  - the Feed Service, which can be used for feedbuilding and exporting data to spreadsheets.
Functionally, the platform enables organisations to design custom forms with the places and/or objects the organizations want their staff to report on. The solution can be tailored to fit specific reporting formats – it is possible to build new forms and questionnaires depending on what is required by organisations. Field level staff – equipped with mobile devices – can fill in the forms, create reports and submit such reports from mobile devices or from a web interface.
The results are available in real time on the and can be distributed through the moble4change to web media, online maps or used for further modelling in desktop software or on the mobile itself. The managers can review the reports submitted by field staff and accept or reject the reports. The main admin can manage the organisation’s accounts while organisation editors can manage their groups and users.
IPFM maintain strong relationships with a number of development and government organizations, who rely on the platform to save time and improve, collecting, monitoring, reporting and transparency on some of their projects.
Monitoring multi-stakeholder projects across the country/world can be immensely challenging, and the results can vary significantly in quality depending on the way data is gathered and managed. One specific challenge was to design and develop a solution which would allow the users to work in remote areas with limited or no internet access. On such logistically demanding humanitarian projects, project managers and/or project coordinators are often not physically present in the field during the entire project execution. They do, however, need to have access to the regularly updated information on progress if they are to manage the project activities well.
In this background, this training attempts to familiarise the usage of this platform and imparting the technical nuances of on-line project cycle management.
Practical hands-on sessions using smart phones and laptops with the live data .Mobile based interactive sessions to detail and link various stages of project planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting with PROx.
PLANNING SESSION focus on capturing all master information, overall plan, action plan, monthly plans, event plan, results plan, monitoring plan and budget plans.Macro and micro planning are assigned to team members of different levels involving all the key players of the project management team. Results framework, Success Indicators and Target setting will be taught in this session.
IMPLEMENTATION SESSION demonstrates the data update method and recording the deviations, comments, action points, learnings and explanations in a periodic manner making the program delivery fast and as per plans.
MONITORING SESSION focus on explaining the built-in monitoring mechanism in the IT tool and how to adopt into the participant’s local context and monitoring policies . It demonstrates how the data updated remotely by the implementation team and the project teams from various locations, that are reflected in the dash board report showing the current status and delays in project progress .
REPORTING SESSION details the MIS reporting requirements, analysing MIS and recording the comments in the on-line apps and related review processes.
Training Logistics:
Participants are expected to bring their Smart phone or Tabs and Laptop with data connectivity for making the program a practical and IT based workshop.
One year free subscribtion:
On nominating a team member, the organization will be given with a user name and pass word to access the app for one year.
Nomination can be made online using the following link which has the payment details of the subscription cost.
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Date : 5th & 6th Aug 2016
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